Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How To Make Money with Squeeze Pages

*This is NOT for those wishing to become millionaires overnight! These are free strategies to making money online. What you get out of it is what you put into it.

So You Found Your Niche (hobby/passion)

If you have decided you wanted to start making money online, then affiliate marketing would be a perfect place to start. You need a squeeze page for the product you plan to promote. These pages take time to build unless you hire someone to write them for you. That is after taking the time to find someone who writes quality content and then that will be more money and time spent on top of what you have already invested. BUT here is the easier way....

Step 1: Squeeze Page

Having quality content and products is a must. BUT if you have really great product on a crappy page, no one is going to buy it! Therefore no commissions. The squeeze page will capture emails and those emails will become apart of your subscribers list. From there you can send out email with great info and offers.

If you don't already have a product to promote on your squeeze page step 2 will show you where you can get the products. I promote products I use, which most are tied in with Clickbank.

Step 2: Where To Find Products To Promote

Clickbank is one of the best known marketplaces for products. Anyone looking to make money online uses it. It is FREE to sign up and use. Go ahead to Clickbank and fill out your information (like name, address, & where you want your check sent, ya know that kinda stuff). Then you will head to the marketplace and choose a category that fits your niche.

All of the products I promote I use myself so I can truly tell people about my experiences with them. getting an audience is what you want to do. Leading people on with phony reviews is not what you want to do.

Products with recurring commissions is a big plus. Even if it has a free trial, you may not make that commission on the first purchase. BUT after that free trial is over they will be billed from then and every month after and you will make a commission for each and every month.

After you have picked your product you will want to click promote. Then you will then have to enter your username you signed up with and it will generate a special link that you will use for making your commissions.

Step 2: Autoresponder

Once you have chosen your product and have access to the affiliate tools and have set up your squeeze page, go ahead and set your autoresponder.  I use GVO which is a great host that came with an autoresponder and some other cool tools. Set up your campaign along with about a weeks worth of email swipes. Copy and paste your campaign form to your squeeze pages.

Step 3: Traffic

Drive traffic to your squeeze pages by solo ads, social media, etc.

getting familiar with email marketing. The squeeze page and auto responder go hand in hand.
-Email Marketing-  how to get started and what you need to know to making money with email marketing.

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