Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Traffic Building Strategies

Here are a couple of strategies to build traffic

  • Social Media like Facebook or Twitter will drive traffic to your blog/website or product/s. although I highly recommend an auto publisher like Sprout Social. You can schedule your posts in advance and it auto posts for you. Its like an autoresponder except for social media.

  • Classifieds wont bring in an extreme amount of traffic but it will bring in some depending on what area you post it and how you write the post.

  • Ads can pull a good amount of traffic too. I like solo ads because your guaranteed the amount of clicks you pay for. Also putting ads on major websites will drive traffic as well. 

For more strategies:

What Is Affiliate Marketing - Here I explain what it is and how it works

- Email Marketing - explains what it is and how to get started

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